Engineering a Better World

Nov 4, 2022

Tangent Design Engineering: Here to engineer a better world

Article by Calgary Economic Development

Tangent was recently featured in an article by Calgary Economic Development. The article talks about history, some of our recent work and what it's like to work with us.

From the article:

Tangent was founded in 2005 as a Calgary design engineering firm that was not focused on the dominant energy sector. Even then, the company was preparing and paving the way for a more diversified economy.

“We started out in a one-bay shop with four people, doing patent drawings and small one-off projects,” said Josh Abbott, Tangent’s Project/Technical Lead. “In the beginning, we focused on mechanical engineering products, but now we have all the product design disciplines in-house to go from ideation through design and into manufacturing.”

“Some of our recent projects include a proof-of-concept prototype for a machine-learning-enabled orthopedic drill; concept development, detailed design, field testing, and manufacturing of a ground-breaking GPS/LTE/Wireless Mesh asset-tracker for a food transportation company; and the commercialization of a methane flow detection technology that can measure almost any flowrate to quantify greenhouse gas emissions.”

In other words, Tangent offers dream jobs for creative engineers.

The article features a few of our projects, including: