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Tangent Design Engineering played a critical role in our ability to produce POC & Alpha prototypes for both technology and user validation. Within a short and cost effective timeline, Tangent engineers helped us develop a first of its kind device that positioned our company as a leader in developing new and innovative medical device solutions.


Ali Habib, CEO, Bonsai Beta


Are you stuck with technical market barriers, being pressured by investors or directors to transition to market, or trying to get a second novel product to market? A mid stage start-up company has a number of challenges that can interfere with efficient product development. Tangent can step in and offer professional design support services in mechanical, electrical, electronics, firmware, software, numerical analysis (FEA/CFD), hydraulics, and regulatory support. 

Tangent is essentially intellectual capital. Raising money is well understood, and placing key technical staff is also a well understood early priority. As the developed product and market requirements become clear, existing engineering teams can struggle to match expectations of decision makers and funders. Tangent can help fill gaps in a new development team, or act as a senior support/design review core to help ensure quality design outputs. Tangent can also relieve the burden on an engineering team by taking full control of non-essential design projects.


Leverage Tangent’s ISO 9001/ISO 13485 registered product development process to get to market with a better product, faster.  Contact Tangent to set up a free consultation to discuss your project in detail.  


Go-to Market Schedule
Meeting Investor Expectations
Competitive Product


Concept and Technology Review

Beta Prototype

Establish Manufacturing Processes/Supply Chain


Are you one of the brave ones? Forging your own path from idea to market? Tangent can help early stage start-up companies by providing key support services to help transition your game-changing technology into market smoothly and efficiently. Leverage Tangent’s product development process

and experience to de-risk the development of your product, and get to market faster than

your competition. 

Tangent can support early stage startups in a number of ways, and engaging Tangent as your partner in the early stages of design does not have to break the bank. Tangent can work in a number of roles: utilizing our experience over the past 10 years in a technical mentorship role, getting you to a proof of concept prototype to seek equity, or reviewing the technical landscape to assist in IP protection and freedom to operate assessments. 

Consider us as a remote product development guru, with 20 arms, over 100 years of experience, and the tenacity and breadth of knowledge to solve complex problems in large industrial systems, high volume consumer devices, or small microelectronic medical devices. Please contact Tangent to set up a free consultation to discuss your project requirements further and how Tangent can support your product development activities.


Alpha Prototype

Technology Development

Concept Development


Resource Constraints (cash, manpower)
Feature Creep
Technology Partially Undefined


Maintaining an existing product line is a challenging job. Developing new products while maintaining an existing product line is a complicated task that typically involves a lot of moving parts and hard deadlines. Tangent has worked with SMEs that have 10 employees and 1000’s of employees, and the common theme is that the internal team is under pressure to deliver quality product in a short period of time. Tangent is a “low touch” development team that requires only a simple scope of work to get started. As a group, we offer experienced veterans in mechanical, electronic, firmware, and simulations engineering that can drop into existing teams as required and immediately produce quality results. Our project managers have completed 100’s of development projects and are experienced in keeping deliverables on point and moving forward.


Tangent can tackle full product design and development, and can also seamlessly integrate into an existing design team to help push things over the goal line. 


Contact Tangent to set up a free consultation to discuss your project needs in more detail.


Yearly Product Launch Expectations
Shareholders and Investors Expectations
Adapting to Technology


Design and Prototype

Requirements Review

Manufacturing and Validation

When I approached Tangent Design Engineering I had a partly-functional proof-of-concept prototype with electrical, mechanical, and thermal management shortcomings. Tangent engineers systematically addressed each design problem, tested the design to confirm performance, created a production design, and helped with the manufacture of my initial production run. Now I have a one-of-a-kind CSA certified product that has been deployed across North America that meets the needs of my customers, while being cost effective to manufacture and service. I'm looking forward to working with Tangent again on my next product design challenge!


Dale Befus, Serious Thermal Products Ltd



Tangent's process is based on 10 years of product design. The process is aimed at reducing risk and achieving the required design specifications as the project proceeds. Tangent is an agile development group that can work on a whole product development project or simply on a specific scope of work on a project. Tangent's ability to work in a design support services role and the ability to tackle complete product design has helped Tangent execute 100's of successful projects of varying complexity over many different industries.

Our goal is to get you to market. Tangent can assist in a full turn product development process, organizing contract manufacturers in Mexico, China, or across North America. When it comes time to build product, Tangent can manage the complete build process, distribution, and shipping/logistics using our internation partners. In cases where our clients have existing manufacturing connections, facilities, and processes, Tangent is happy to hand off full design packages and be available in a support or QC role as required.  


•Technical feasability
•Tech derisking
•IP strategy
•Initial regulatory 
•Initial cost req.
•Initial BOM cost
•Manuf. process id
•Finalize core technology
•Regulatory prescreen
•File IP
•Product validation     
•Supply chain
  process dev.
•Sustaining eng.
•DMR maintenance
•Implement client side quality management systems
•Ideation and concept   •Product specification
•Proof of concept      prototype
•Detailed engineering
•Alpha prototype production,          validation, and test
•Beta prototype
•Design finalization
•Regulatory submisson
•Develop work instructions
•Finalize fabrication packages  and device master record
•BOM costing
•Manufacturing      process validation
•Volume manufacturing
•Manufacturing  process optimization


Concept Development


Detailed Design


Design Transfer







Electrical/Electronics Engineering

  • Electrical system design

  • Electonics system design

  • Multilayer printed circuit board design

  • Embedded firmware design

  • PLC/Automation system design

  • PLC programming

  • EMI/EMC design support

  • High speed electronics design and simulation

  • Power distribution network analysis and simulation

Mechanical Engineering

  • Mechanical system/Machine design

  • Metal/Plastic extrusion design

  • Injection molded part design

  • Industrial design

  • Metal cast part design

  • Low/Mid volume part design

  • Stress/Strain analysis (FEA)

  • Impact/explosion/erosion analysis

  • Multiphase fluid flow (CFD)

  • Optical system design

Manufacturing and Testing

  • Additive and subtractive rapid prototyping (SLS/FDM/DMLS)

  • Metal/Plastic part production

  • Traditional and flex PCB production

  • Electronics test fixtures

  • Design test/verification services

  • Prototype full build and test

  • Short run production (10-1000 units)

  • High volume production (1000+)

  • Certification testing

Design Support Services

  • Ideation and product concept creation

  • Technical feasability assessments

  • Investigative engineering services (failure analysis)

  • CE/UL/CSA compliance analysis

  • Hazardous area compliance analysis

  • EMI/EMC compliance analysis

  • Device certification services

  • IP/Patent services

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