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Are you forging your own path from idea to market? Tangent can help early stage start-up companies by providing key support services to help transition your game-changing technology into market smoothly and efficiently. Leverage Tangent’s product development process and experience to de-risk the development of your product, and get to market faster than your competition.

Tangent was able to understand our proof-of-concept research device quickly, and helped us create a development prototype platform to complete our research activities and transition into developing our own product. Their entire team has been great to work with, and their strong development processes kept us between the lines. We've benefitted greatly from their smart and efficient execution of our project. We look forward to completing the commercialization and launch of our product with them!

Robert Sheldon, MD, PhD

Tangent can work with you in a number of roles, supporting you from idea to production or augmenting your team with our experience and expertise at critical points on your journey to market. Utilize our experience over the past 15 years in a technical mentorship role, let us help you develop a proof of concept prototype in order to seek investment, or review the technical landscape to assist in IP protection and freedom to operate assessments.

In addition to our product development process, we provide the following services to start-ups:

Concept Development and Market Assessment

Have a great product or service idea, but not sure where to begin? Tangent can help you with early stage concept development and refinement, including identification of your user group, ideal target market their needs. We can help identify the size of your potential market and how to reach them with the best version of your product. With a clear vision for the product and market positioning, we can develop visuals and other materials that will help you test the idea with customers and articulate your plan to investors.

Technical Review

It’s a great idea, but will it work? If you’re certain about your idea, but uncertain about how best to bring it into the world, Tangent can conduct a technical review of your concept. Our team is comprised of passionate experts in a wide variety of fields – we are aware of new developments in these fields and where established methods are best relied upon. We can propose new and efficient technical approaches to achieving your goal while quickly ruling out concepts that may be costly to produce or ineffective in a final embodiment long before they reach prototype or manufacture.

Quick turn proof of concept

At the early stages of product development, it is important to demonstrate and test the value of your idea and the proposed embodiment. Developing a proof of concept model can help you test your idea with potential customers, testing the product-market fit and honing the best feature mix. These early stage models can help in the development of new technologies, providing an early physical manifestation to test your idea with a physical model, reducing the risks associated with mass production later in the product development process.

Design oversight

When you are ready to take on the full development of your product, Tangent will assemble a multidisciplinary design team that is accountable to you. With our years of experience in bringing dozens of products to market in a wide variety of sectors that include medical, consumer electronics and industrial we can direct design activities ensuring your vision is preserved through to production. Our project management team ensures that your project remains on schedule and that critical decisions that will affect cost, quality and timelines are addressed at the appropriate time.

Initial regulatory and compliance guidance

Are you operating in a heavily regulated sector like a medical device, hazardous locations device, or safety system? You need a partner who understands the compliance process so that you can successfully reach the market. Having a good regulatory strategy is important at the early stages of the product development process to avoid costly surprises when you move to testing and manufacturing. Tangent can help you evaluate the requirements and risks associated with your project, designing for compliance success long before you perform any agency testing.

Manufacturing Support

Whether you choose us as your manufacturing partner, a local manufacturer or an overseas contract manufacturer, our manufacturing team provides you with the necessary support to keep costs under control while ensuring a high quality outcome. We can connect you with appropriate partners, communicating critical information about your design, and provide quality and compliance oversight. We are able to assist our clients with both low and high volume product manufacture whether we are manufacturing for you in-house, or connecting you with one of the many capable manufacturers in our network.

Tangent Design Engineering played a critical role in our ability to produce POC & Alpha prototypes for both technology and user validation. Within a short and cost effective timeline, Tangent engineers helped us develop a first of its kind device that positioned our company as a leader in developing new and innovative medical device solutions.

Ali Habib, CEO, Umay Care

Consider us as a remote product development guru, with 20 arms, over 100 years of experience, and the tenacity and breadth of knowledge to solve complex problems in large industrial systems, high volume consumer devices, or small microelectronic medical devices. Please contact Tangent to set up a free consultation to discuss your project requirements further and how Tangent can support your product development activities.