/10/Electronic Whiteboard

SMART Technologies

Accelerating the Development

R&D Support for an Electronic Whiteboard

Tangent was contracted in a design support services role by a mid-size enterprise that designs, manufactures, and distributes interactive whiteboards for the education and business markets. The scope of the design work involved mechanical optimizations (simulations), mechanical design, electronics design support (CAD, PCB Layout, Design Review, Test Fixture Design, Electromagnetic Simulations), and general R&D support services which included opto-mechanical design conceptualization.

The project is an example of Tangent’s team bolstering an active product design team that required expert resources to assist in executing project workload. This enabled the client to better manage and balance resource constraints without the burden of hiring and training a secondary engineering team.

For electronics support, Tangent’s team executed the design and prototyping of a number of touch sensitive control panels using capacitive touch technology as the basis of the design. The team also provided full PCB design and layout support for various system circuit boards. The electronics team also simulated the power distribution network of the design, as well as signal integrity analysis on some key design items. The mechanical team designed some mechanical components using optically optimized plastics and dual shot injection molding techniques. Tangent’s mechanical team also assisted in CFD heat transfer simulations as well as simulated drop tests to highlight certification risks prior to testing.

Tangent’s multidisciplinary development team was able to bolster the overall efficiency of the Client’s product development efforts. When the scope of work was complete, Tangent’s team transferred to a support role and is utilized as required. All work performed by Tangent was performed as per Tangent’s internal ISO 9001 product development process.