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Real Time Gas Analyzer

Designing for Thermal Stability in Explosive Conditions
SME (Industrial Analyzer)
Calgary, Canada
  • Industrial

Zone 1 Compliant Real Time Gas Analyzer

Tangent was contracted to develop a very precise thermally stable gas analyzer package for a next generation gas chromatograph. The application had a very demanding temperature stability requirement of a tenth of a degree over the entire operating range.

Tangent’s scope of work involved concept generation, thermal simulations, and design optimization. Tangent also provided the client with finalized mechanical drawings and 3D CAD, and assisted in a compliance analysis for hazardous area compliance ATEX and CSA Zone 1

Tangent’s design team used CFD simulations to simulate the current chamber design and matched the simulated results to calibration data obtained during thermal cycling in an environmental chamber. This exercise resulted in a definitive numerical model that could be used in future optimization cycles to refine the design prior to completing detailed design and pushing to prototype. Using this numerical model, Tangent mechanical engineers designed the final chamber and integrated the design into the final product. The design was finalized through a design for manufacturing exercise that took the assembly, serviceability, and performance criteria into consideration. The result of this process was a finalized design that was designed to all client specifications and on paper, showed performance results that exceeded expectations. Tangent fabricated and assembled the instrument transferred the design to the client for final testing. During testing, the analyzer exceeded client performance criteria.

The design was then transitioned into manufacturing, and a final regulatory package was prepared and transferred. The manufacturable design was then transferred to the client for commercialization and is now being sold and marketed by the client around the world.