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Compliance for Explosive Atmosphere: Class 1 Division 1 Standards and Compliance Review
California, U.S.A.
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Refuelling Equipment: Certified and Safe

Equipment used for refuelling aircraft in Class 1 Division 1 or Division 2 flammability zones must be explosion-proof. The design and use of this equipment is tightly controlled by strict standards. Meggitt, a U.S. based company develops, manufactures and installs ground fuelling equipment used in airports worldwide. Maintaining the appropriate certifications, approvals and adhering to these standards is a critical to their business as it allows their equipment to be used in these environments.

Prior to working with Tangent, Meggitt had undergone a series of design changes to their fleet of equipment that relied on hazardous areas approvals that had put these approvals in jeopardy. Meggitt’s internal engineering team had the expertise to manage the regulatory challenges, but were occupied with other challenges associated with developing new products. They needed a partner that not only possessed an understanding of hazardous areas compliance, but one that could quickly integrate with their existing team, understand the new designs and help navigate the regulations necessary to re-certify the equipment.

The Tangent team of mechanical and process engineers were able to quickly familiarize themselves with the problem, integrate with the internal team and put a project plan and timeline in place to re-certify the revised designs. After a short period of discovery, reviewing the products, applicable standards and design changes, the team set to work conducting a clause-by-clause analysis of the regulations.

In conducting the review, Tangent was able to identify sections of the standards that were relevant to the new designs and would need to be addressed, allowing the internal team to focus on these changes. The team was also able to identify clauses that were not relevant to the products or changes and justify their exclusion, saving the internal team time and effort, and further expediting the certification process.

Meggitt continues to successfully develop and deliver ground fuelling products used in airports throughout the world. While this project has concluded, we remain a valued technical asset to the company and continue support them on similar projects when needed.

Meggitt began with a critical compliance and regulatory problem that posed a threat to one of their core product lines in a tightly regulated environment, but were able to smoothly navigate the re-certification procedure. Tanget’s expertise in hazardous environment compliance combined with an ability to quickly integrate and understand a new problem made us the ideal team for this project.