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Treating Seasonal Affective Disorder

Light Therapy Device

Tangent was contracted to oversee the development of a new design for a client's existing portable light therapy device. The original product had been marketed for several years as a means to counter the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder, however the client wanted to upgrade both the design and the functionality, in order to position the product for adoption by a larger market.

The goal was to deliver a compact device with a technically advanced contemporary look, while enhancing the unit's overall effectiveness. Tangent was originally approached to perform some of the mechanical design, however the role quickly was expanded to include management of the entire project. Tangent coordinated schedules, executed design activities and managed client deliverables for all the technical aspects of the project (electronics, optics, industrial design, mechanical design, and compliance.

The project required two years and three rounds of prototyping, involving user studies and extensive market research as well as clinical tests. Tangent personnel managed the budgets, vendor payments, and collaborated closely with the client to source manufacturing options once the final design was approved. Tangent assembled and tested the initial run of 20 units, which were distributed to achieve user feedback. After user testing and some minor modifications, the first production run of 1000 units was outsourced to a local electronics integrator. The client is now executing volume manufacturing overseas.