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Industrial IOT Sensor

Autonomous Data Aggregation and Transfer at an Industrial Scale
Calgary, Canada
  • IoT

Hardware Design for Industrial Internet of Things

Tangent was contracted to develop hardware for a start-up industrial Internet of Things (IOT) firm. The main purpose of the hardware was data aggregation and data transfer. The scope of the project was electronics/PCB design support, fabrication, and test plan creation and execution. Tangent designed a set of modular interchangeable communications accessory boards, guided by the design requirements of the Client’s internal design team.

Tangent acted primarily in a support role for an internal development team that was relatively new. Tangent’s internal team of mechanical and electrical engineers executed the project scope as defined by Client constraints, and provided a number of field prototypes for in-field testing. Tangent also acted in a support role to provide design support services for the newly designed parts as the Client’s team transitioned the parts into manufacturing. Tangent’s ability to be agile and mobilize quickly prevented unnecessary delays during the initial design phase, which typically has numerous client driven constraints that may be in flux pending end user feedback. Tangent handed off the manufacturing files to the client and the client has transitioned the parts into production. Tangent’s expertise in the field of industrial data acquisition and industrial electronics was an important factor in the success of this project. The project also was designed around FCC pre-certified communications modules, which reduced compliance costs and complexity, and enabled a shorter time to market.

By using Tangent for custom hardware, the client design and development team was able to focus on the building and debugging of their application level software solutions which were the core business of the client. Offloading prototyping and test to a third party like Tangent also frees up valuable resources and keeps the internal development team focussed on achieving the end goals of a project.