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Cold Chain Compliance

Vehicle Position and Tracking with a custom IoT Stack

Fast Track IoT Development

A Calgary based company that provides cloud-based supply chain management software wanted to expand their business to provide their customers with vehicle tracking and status. Routeique envisioned a hardware solution that could collect and provide this data as a part of their software suite, but would be customizable and easily integrated into their system. This pairing would give the company a competitive edge in their market.

If the company selected an off the shelf hardware solution, Routeique would be relying on a third party not only for hardware but for the full quality of service associated with the data they were retrieving. Additionally, these readymade systems are difficult to control and integrate. They instead opted to develop their own hardware and were then faced with faced with a decision to either hire an internal team or find a partner who could support them in the development of the technology.

Routique contracted Tangent to develop a hardware solution that could provide vehicle status and tracking data to their software suite under Tangent’s IoT Fast Track Development Program. This program allows Tangent to defer the costs associated with developing a new technology and recover them by acting as the supplier for the devices. As a part of this arrangement, Tangent provides manufacturing services, quality control and in-field installation and maintenance support.

The task for Tangent was formidable. Building a system that integrates the necessary technologies to collect the required data and provide it reliably to a software platform requires considerable knowledge and planning. The proof of concept prototypes needed to be suitable for a trial that would allow Routeique to use their existing customers to determine future hardware features that would work best to improve the customer experience. The timeline for the project was also compressed.

To address this challenge, Tangent quickly mobilized members from across our team – project engineers and technologists from electrical, mechanical, firmware, software, manufacturing, testing and quality assurance were engaged to produce a successful proof of concept prototype that could be deployed in vehicles in order to collect and deliver the required data.

Routeique needed to expand their product and data offering beyond what was capable with software alone. Instead of hiring an in-house hardware team of their own or relying on a third party, they partnered with Tangent to provide the knowledge and experience to augment their existing team. The resulting partnership led to a successful prototype that integrated seamlessly with their software in a fraction of the time and cost that would have been required to develop the devices internally.

The system jointly developed by Routeique and Tangent is currently being prepared for a regional pilot. We continue to explore mutual opportunities in supply chain optimization.