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Always Working With an Expert

Maintaining an existing product line is a challenging job. Developing new products while maintaining an existing product line is a complicated task that involves a lot of moving parts and hard deadlines. Tangent has worked with SMEs that have 10 employees and 1000’s of employees, and the common theme is that the internal team is under pressure to deliver quality product in a short period.

When I approached Tangent Design Engineering I had a partly-functional proof-of-concept prototype with electrical, mechanical, and thermal management shortcomings. Tangent engineers systematically addressed each design problem, tested the design to confirm performance, created a production design, and helped with the manufacture of my initial production run. Now I have a one-of-a-kind CSA certified product that has been deployed across North America that meets the needs of my customers, while being cost effective to manufacture and service. I'm looking forward to working with Tangent again on my next product design challenge!

Dale Befus, Serious Thermal Products Ltd.

Tangent is a “low touch” development team that requires a simple scope of work to get started. As a group, we offer experienced veterans in mechanical, electronic, firmware, and simulations engineering that can drop into existing teams as required and immediately produce quality results. Our project managers have completed 100’s of development projects and are experienced in keeping deliverables on point and moving forward.

Whether you require additional manpower for a research and development project, or a capable team that can bring your concept to life, we can augment your existing team in a wide variety of ways. Some of the services that we offer enterprise clients:

Product/technology evaluation

It’s a great idea, but will it work? If you’re certain about your idea, but uncertain about how best to bring it into the world, Tangent can conduct a technical review of your concept. Our team is comprised of passionate experts in a wide variety of fields – we are aware of new developments in these fields and where established methods are best relied upon. We can propose new and efficient technical approaches to achieving your goal while quickly ruling out concepts that may be costly to produce or ineffective in a final embodiment long before they reach prototype or manufacture.

Full or partial product development services

Whether you are starting from a product concept or need help with a project mid-stream, Tangent can help. We provide early stage concept development and refinement services, concept and detail level engineering and prototype development. We can develop visuals and other materials that will help you test the idea with customers and sell your project internally, or help you push your project through to manufacturing.

Rapid iteration and real world outcomes

Tangent can mobilize quickly and effectively to implement solutions that solve real world business problems. Whether this is a proof of concept implementation, a pilot plant project, or simply a shape/function model Tangent can rapidly transform new technology ideas into real world solutions.

IP creation or evaluation

Business problems do not always have the most obvious solution set and some problems can be solved with a number of technologies. Tangent can help evaluate new technologies to help drive business decisions in integrating new technologies into operations. Tangent has also been used extensively to evaluate the impact, reach, and suitability of new intellectual property either being produced by our clients or potentially being considered for acquisition.

Regulatory support and compliance services

Are you operating in a heavily regulated sector and require a partner who understands the regulatory landscape and compliance process? Having a good regulatory strategy is important at the early stages of the product development process to avoid costly surprises when you move to testing and manufacturing. Similarly, bringing existing products in line with current or updated regulations can be a costly and time consuming endeavour. Regardless of the regulatory hurdle, Tangent can help you evaluate the requirements and risks associated with your project, designing for compliance success in both new and existing products.

Manufacturing Support

Whether you choose us as your manufacturing partner, a local manufacturer or an overseas contract manufacturer, our manufacturing team provides you with the necessary support to keep costs under control while ensuring a high quality outcome. We can connect you with appropriate partners, communicating critical information about your design, and provide quality and compliance oversight. We are able to assist our clients with both low and high volume product manufacture whether we are manufacturing for you in-house, or connecting you with one of the many capable manufacturers in our network.

Tangent can tackle full product design and development and can also seamlessly integrate into an existing design team to help push things over the goal line.