Signal integrity analysis products are essential for the design of high-speed serial channels, parallel buses and complete power delivery systems found in modern

high-speed electronic devices. Tangent uses an

advanced tool suite to predict EMI/EMC, signal integrity and power integrity issues — enabling our designs to be optimized for performance prior to build and test.


Recently, Tangent engineers reviewed an existing design of a DDR memory bus that was producing results

outside of the allowed noise tolerance for the memory interface specifications. The analysis, done in Ansys SiWave, showed problems in the general layout and architecture. Through the simulation software, Tangent was able to simulate results of lowering drive strength on the memory bus as a temporary fix while re-design of the PCB could be completed. This allowed the customer to continue to operate while they Systematically rolled out a permanent fix for the problem. 


Simulation of complex electronics enables Tangent and our clients to achieve a competitive advantage with faster time to market, reduced costs, and improved system performance.


Reducing risk in high speed electronics: Problem Solved

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