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Whether you’re an ambitious startup or an established company looking to conquer a development challenge, Tangent and its mechanical engineering team provide the speed, innovation and intellectual capital your business needs to overcome any obstacle. At the centre of every successful design effort is strong technical foundation. Our experienced mechanical engineers excel at complex mechanical design, analysis, design for manufacture and advanced surfacing.

Mechanical Engineering Services and Expertise

  • Advanced enclosure design
  • Class I, II, III medical device design
  • Complex mechanisms
  • Optomechanical design
  • Design for assembly and disassembly
  • Design for manufacture (all processes)
  • Molded part design
  • Functional prototyping
  • CAD/CAE technology assessment
  • Class A surfacing
  • Composite design
  • Cost/benefit analysis
  • Design for decoupled DOF motion
  • Design for FDA and ISO certifications
  • Design for manufacture (all processes)
  • Electronics packaging
  • EMI and ESD solutions
  • Motion control systems
  • Material selection
  • Motors and actuators
  • Complex plastic part design
  • Precision positioning mechanisms
  • Product miniaturization
  • Ruggedization
  • Linear and nonlinear static analysis
  • Structural analysis
  • Kinematic analysis
  • Tolerance and dimensional analysis
  • Automation and robotics
  • Computational fluid dynamics
  • Performance and reliability testing
  • Operational testing
  • Compliance testing
  • Create testing goals
  • Hydraulics and pneumatics
  • Normal modes analysis
  • Random vibration analysis
  • Steady state and transient heat transfer
  • Test-analysis correlation
  • Transient and frequency response
  • Manufacturing ramp up support
  • Documentation
  • Assembly instructions
  • Component specification
  • Global sourcing
  • Offshore manufacturing setup and support
  • Prototype and production tooling
  • Process debug
  • Service and user manuals
  • T1 plastics review
  • Tooling design and specification
  • Tooling design support

For over 15 years, the Tangent Design Engineering team has been working collectively to transform complex challenges into seamless products and systems. When it comes to meeting your company’s project objectives, our mechanical engineers play an integral role in our multidisciplinary approach to product engineering and design.

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