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 Tangent Design Engineering is a Calgary, Alberta based product design development and engineering services team. Tangent has a diverse multidisciplinary team of mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, simulation engineers, industrial designers, and firmware engineers. Tangent Design Engineering has been in business for 14 years, and has completed numerous product development projects in the medical device field, oil and gas, industrial equipment, agricultural, and consumer goods. Outside of the fundamental skill sets of the core disciplines of our team, Tangent has developed specialized knowledge and skills in gas detection, advanced process modelling and simulations, robotics, optical design, wireless wide-area low power networking, mobile equipment design, and regulatory compliance (medical, industrial, explosion proof). Tangent has been solving complex problems for over a decade, and has a track record of successes across many industries. Please contact us today for a free consultation on how Tangent can work for you. 

Super Powers


Advanced digital prototyping is a technique Tangent engineers frequently use to reduce build costs, avoid schedule slip due to rework, and as a design tool. Tangent uses cutting edge tools for computational fluid dynamics (CFD), finite element analysis (FEA), electromagnetics, and mathematical modelling.

Design Support Services

Tangent strives to offer full product development support for all of our client's needs, including in house marketing and sales professionals, IP services, and usability resources as well as a number of other support services such as hazardous area compliance, medical device compliance, or general compliance analysis.

Manufacturing and Testing

Tangent builds what we design. Using our internal and external resources, Tangent can produce low volume prototypes, initial product, and volume manufacturing. Our test and validation processes are performed through all manufacturing phases.

Mechanical Engineering

Tangent has experience designing complicated mechanical machines, elegant plastic enclosures for consumer services, and specialized optical sensing and analysis products, We have developed specialized skills in hydraulics, pneumatics, optics, plastics, computational fluid dynamics and finite element analysis.

Electrical/Electronics Engineering

Tangent has proven success in the design of complex PLC industrial control systems, high density high speed embedded systems, hazardous area electronics, and medical regulatory compliant electronic systems. Tangent's high speed electronics simulation capabilities allow for a reduced rusk in PCB development and ultimately shorter development cycles.

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The Dream Team

Tangent's core capabilities include research and development, hardware and software design and engineering, manufacturing and test of complex systems across several industries and include the following capabilities

Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning

Industrial Design

Mechanical Engineering

Advanced Simulations

Data Analytics


Adventures in Product Design

Collaborators In Creativity

Tangent employs 20 engineers, has been in business for 13 years, and has continued to grow by between 5-10% annually. Tangent is a member of the WCDIA, and continues to attend association events and conferences. Tangent acknowledges the importance of gender and diversity as well as skills and talent development in workplace policies and initiatives.

"Good design makes a product understandable."

Dieter Rams

Principles of Design

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