For today’s high-speed digital designs, it is critical that printed circuit board (PCB) and integrated circuit (IC) packages are accurately analyzed using a reliable power distribution network tool. This analysis enables potential pre- and post-layout power problems to be caught before the boards are produced and tested. The simulation software Tangent uses provides verification of power delivery networks for DC power losses, early detection of thermal hotspots, and prevention of failure during the design cycle.


Recently, Tangent completed a large layout containing a number of high speed integrated circuits and memory components. During the initial design review, a detailed power distribution network simulation was performed using Tangent’s Ansys tools. The analysis showed weak power plane connectivity on the DSP core power supply due to BGA routing and plane geometries. The weak connectivity produced an area of localized high current, and potentially would have been a problem that could have passed through testing, and propagated into production had it not been caught. This may have caused long term reliability issues for the customer, and would have been difficult to detect and diagnose. 


Using the results from the Power Distribution Network simulation, Tangent was able to provide a design output of a higher overall quality, and reduced the risk to Tangent’s clients of potential field failures. 


Reliability in electronics: Problem Solved

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