SME (Oil & Gas Equipment Supplier)
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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Services Provided

Finite Element Analysis, Mechanical Engineering Support, and API 4F Compliance Support


Tangent was contracted to provide Finite Element Analysis and Mechanical Engineering support for the development of a Range 3 slant/vertical telescoping single drilling rig and associated equipment. The goal of the project was to use a creative design approach to implement a variety of design enhancements to improve the ease and safety at which a drilling rig crew can operate, while ensuring the design met the necessary API 4F requirements.


Using our advanced Finite Element Analysis tools allowed Tangent to work closely with the client to help ensure their creative design approach could be implemented while still meeting the requirements of API 4F standard, which governs the design of drill rig structures. Our FEA simulation tools identified a number of areas that required refinement, and Tangent was instrumental in helping implement the design solutions to realize the overall design goals. Tangent personnel provided ongoing support to help solve fabrication challenges and incorporate additional equipment requested by the end-customer. The rig was successfully commissioned and is now in-use by the end customer.

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