Sand/mud erosion in oilfield tools is a major problem.  During operation, solids entrained in the fluid that is flowing through the tool impinge on the tool walls which eventually removes enough material to cause failure in the part. One of the main methods of remediating this problem is to use expensive hardened materials and to increase the thickness of perceived problem areas.


Tangent recently completed mechanical design support work which used an iterative advanced erosion model to predict high wear components of a downhole oilfield tool. The erosion model predicted accurately (based on field testing of a failed tool component) the expected high wear areas, and allowed Tangent mechanical engineers to recommend a number of erosion 

mitigation techniques which included flow shaping and guiding, material selection, and component form

factor optimization. 


The results of the changes dramatically reduced the wear on the part and enabled the tool to be operated over a much longer service lifetime. The project was completed in one week, due to schedule constraints of the client, and the Tangent engineering team was able to ramp up, complete the project scope, and deliver the completed design on time and within budget. 


Downhole tool reliability : Problem Solved

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