Predicting and controlling fluid flow is critical in optimizing the efficiency of so many products and processes — the combustion of gases in an automobile engine, the movement of a chemical solution through pores in a shale gas formation, the complex passage of air through a jet engine turbine, and the transfer of heat among components of a printed circuit board, to name a few. Tangent has been analyzing fluid flow using CFD software for over 10 years and currently uses the Ansys tool suite to perform the required analysis. 


Fluid flow problems are present in many industries.  Tangent recently completed a fluid flow analysis of a specialized cyclonic filter system aimed at treating natural gas. The simulation steps included establishing the initial model in CAD (Solidworks), optimizing the model for simulation, meshing the model in Ansys, and applying initial conditions and material properties. 


The results of the simulation showed reasonable correlation with a scaled physical model. Using this data, and the proven numerical model, Tangent engineers were able to modify the design to improve overall efficiency and reduce manufacturing cost and complexity. The complexity of the particle flow inside the separator would have required numerous physical prototypes to perform the same amount of optimization that happened all within the modeling environment. 


Process optimization: Problem Solved

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