Umay REST appears on CBC's Dragon's Den

Dec 1, 2022

UMAY's Innovative Journey

A Collaboration of Vision and Engineering

We were excited to see long time client and development partner Umay appear with their device on CBC’s Dragon’s Den earlier this fall!

From concept to this appearance, the journey of Umay REST has been exceptional. Tangent, the engineering team who partnered with Ali and Dr. Sharmin Habib, are thrilled to have played a central role in the creation of the Umay REST. It's not every day that a vision transforms into a device which not only addresses physical discomfort but provides a holistic well-being experience.

It began with a genuine problem - the inconvenience of using warm compresses for dry-eye relief. Ali, having developed eye issues stemming from long computer usage hours, approached us with the challenge of designing something that provided a superior user experience. We believe that engineering isn’t just about creating devices, but at its best enhances and improves the quality of our lives. When Ali shared his vision of a device which was not just a medical remedy but also a meditative companion, we were all in.

The initial prototype was nothing like what Umay REST looks like today. Engineering innovations start with raw, unrefined ideas which are gradually molded with experience, feedback, and continuous testing. Every setback was viewed as an opportunity to refine our approach. Our collaboration with Ali and Sharmin was symbiotic. Their vision and our technical expertise combined to surmount multiple challenges, turning this idea into a sleek, functional, and effective device.

Seeing Ali and Sharmin present Umay REST on CBC's "Dragon's Den" was a

proud moment for all of us. It was gratifying to watch our collective

efforts be recognized publicly on such a well known show. This device,

which started as an idea to relieve a personal inconvenience, has become

a beacon of holistic wellness, and we are immensely proud to have been

part of this journey.

Watch the episode on CBC