Addressing Teething Pain through Deep Bass

An entrepreneur based in Calgary Alberta approached Tangent with an audio-based consumer product idea for children meant to soothe the discomfort associated with teething. The benefits of exposing children to music from a young age are well known, as is the discomfort children experience during this transition. The client envisioned a system that would both provide music that parents or other adults might enjoy while the vibrations associated with the low end of the music combined with child friendly teething surfaces could help ease the discomfort of teething.

BabyBeats contracted Tangent to both design a child-friendly bluetooth speaker that would provide teething relief for children, and to provide a market assessment and strategic guidance for the product.

Tangent worked with BabyBeats through the early stages of product ideation and concept development through successive rounds of industrial design sketching. In addition to the mechanical and formal studies, Tangent conducted a market and opportunity assessment. The information from these activities allowed us to provide strategic guidance for the positioning of the product in the market, the size of the potential market, and how best to access consumers.

With concept level development of the product complete, a focused product-consumer solution, and market positioning defined BabyBeats partnered with an offshore contract manufacturer to refine and produce the device. Tangent continues to be available to the company a local design and manufacturing consultant helping advise on manufacturing related concerns as they arise.



Project Location

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Services Provided

Industrial Design, Mechanical Design, Market Validation, Opportunity Assessment, Strategic Advising

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